How should I market a self-published book?

Where do most want-to-be authors go wrong? Many make the mistake of believing that marketing should only begin after the book is completed. STOP!!!! This approach wastes valuable time and misses out on opportunities to create an audience, refine the book's concept, and generate buzz.  You have to build the buzz very early in the book writing process. That means marketing the book before it’s even written.

While doing my research I spoke to many authors and a few authors that actually wrote their entire book but had done zero marketing.  They didn’t realize that they needed to do this at the beginning of the book writing process.  They were so disappointed because now they had this great non-fiction book that they poured their heart and soul into, that never received the exposure that it should’ve.  That's why in my course I have an entire module on marketing and we go deep!!! 

I also heard people say, "I have no idea on what I am supposed...

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