What is Book Coaching Academy All About?

Meet your coach, Karen Roy

Hi! I'm Karen, Your Coach.

I love working with potential new authors. I began my writing career quite unexpectedly. It was the result of a women’s networking group I had created with a colleague of mine, called Beyond Networking. Everyone who attended our events loved the content of our workshops and kept telling us “You guys should write a book”, so we did! Have you ever been asked that question? I bet you have.

Like most entrepreneurs, I believe our audience saw us as experts in our field; Leadership. At first, we were apprehensive and thought ‘whose going to read our book?’ (common thought) and then we were like, why not? Little did we know that our book, “Leadership it is not just for Leaders” would land us speaking gigs, invites to participate in roundtable discussions, and land us higher-paying clients. It opened doors that we never thought were possible.

It set my consulting business apart from the others. People thought of me as an expert in my field. You don’t need to have 3 degrees and a bunch of letters after your name to be deemed an expert or guru. Seriously, I thought what we had written was pretty much common sense, others begged to differ so I stopped playing my expertise down and started letting it help me increase my bottom line. It was like the ‘trifecta’ – I attracted higher paying clients, increased my fee, and could add value by giving away my book (wisdom and knowledge).

About Book Coaching Academy 

I have a proven simple 6 step process that will help you get your book ‘publisher ready’.

My model is a hybrid – I have combined my online book writing course with a live weekly coaching call. I work with entrepreneurs, coaches/mentors and mompreneurs, who want to publish (self-publish or traditional) a nonfiction book. Using my FastTrack method I help you take all your raw content (whatever form it maybe in, podcasts, blogs, trainings) and turn it into chapters. This method allows you to write your book faster without compromising quality. I can help you get your book written in 3 months! That’s right!!

The course only includes what you need to know to get your book written. There’s not a lot of fluff and stuff. I hate fluff and stuff.

Last but not least, we will show you how to use your book to increase your profits and improve your bottom line!!

So what’s stopping you? Don’t keep waiting and thinking ‘I should’ – take the risk, book a 20-minute discovery call, I’d love to hear your idea.

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