How should I market a self-published book?

Where do most want-to-be authors go wrong? Many make the mistake of believing that marketing should only begin after the book is completed. STOP!!!! This approach wastes valuable time and misses out on opportunities to create an audience, refine the book's concept, and generate buzz.  You have to build the buzz very early in the book writing process. That means marketing the book before it’s even written.

While doing my research I spoke to many authors and a few authors that actually wrote their entire book but had done zero marketing.  They didn’t realize that they needed to do this at the beginning of the book writing process.  They were so disappointed because now they had this great non-fiction book that they poured their heart and soul into, that never received the exposure that it should’ve.  That's why in my course I have an entire module on marketing and we go deep!!! 

I also heard people say, "I have no idea on what I am supposed to do, how should I market a self-published book, after all, I'm not in marketing." I do not want this to be you!!!  Here are 3 essential tips to help you get started and avoid common pitfalls that many want-to-be-authors fall into. 


1. Build Anticipation: By initiating your book marketing efforts early, you can create a buzz around your upcoming non-fiction masterpiece. Yes, I said it!  You are creating a masterpiece!!!  Start generating interest through a well-designed author website or landing page. Engage your target audience through compelling blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters. Building anticipation before you write ensures a ready audience eagerly awaiting your book's release. 

2. Validate Your Book Idea: Marketing your non-fiction book early allows you to gauge reader interest and validate your book idea before investing significant time and resources in writing.  Getting people involved early on in the process might give you a clue or an idea of something you might not have considered.  I think this is truly brilliant.  Could you imagine missing out on an integral part of your book because you didn't share the idea and the concept with anyone.  Your knowledge and wisdom is waiting to be read and this can only happen if your audience knows its there.

3. Grow Your Author Platform: Establishing and growing your author platform is a crucial aspect of successful book marketing. Start building your online presence through blogging, guest posting, podcast appearances, or YouTube videos related to your book's topic. Engage with your target audience and develop a genuine connection. This platform will serve as a foundation for promoting your book, attracting potential readers, and securing media opportunities once your book is ready to hit the shelves.  I would suggest that you chose one or two of these ideas and build on them.  The key here is to be consistent when it comes to the marketing of your self-published book.

 Remember, writing a book is a journey, and marketing is an integral part of that adventure. Start laying the groundwork, engaging with your audience, and building anticipation. By doing so, you'll maximize your chances of crafting a compelling book that resonates with your readers and make a lasting impact in the literary world.


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