Are you ready to become a published author?

They say there’s a book in everyone of us and I believe ‘them’.
Writing can be super scary and fun all at the same time. Having a writing partner, as I like to call myself makes getting the words onto the pages so much easier and FUN!!!


About My Services

Hi! I'm Karen. I love working with potential new authors. CLICK LEARN MORE to read more about who I am and how I have helped busy entrepreneurs like yourself write their first book while still balancing a fast-paced, full-time schedule. 


How To Get Started

If you're ready to seriously chat about that book idea you've been thinking about but struggling to find the right path, then click below to schedule a free 20 minute discovery call with me. 


Free Resources

Interested in some helpful tips and tricks to spark your creativity? Check out my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY where you can find some useful tools to help you. 


What is Book Coaching Academy All About?

I have a proven simple 6 step process that will help you get your book ‘publisher ready’.

My model is a hybrid – I have combined my online book writing course with a live weekly coaching call. I work with entrepreneurs, coaches/mentors and mompreneurs, who want to publish (self-publish or traditional) a nonfiction book. Using my FastTrack method I help you take all your raw content (whatever form it maybe in, podcasts, blogs, trainings) and turn it into chapters. This method allows you to write your book faster without compromising quality. I can help you get your book written in 3 months! That’s right!!

The course only includes what you need to know to get your book written. There’s not a lot of fluff and stuff. I hate fluff and stuff.

Last but not least, we will show you how to use your book to increase your profits and improve your bottom line!! So what’s stopping you?

Don’t keep waiting and thinking ‘I should’ – take the risk, book a 20-minute discovery call, I’d love to hear your idea.

"Having Karen as my authoring coach was a tremendous help, and because of her knowledge, skill, and support, I was able to complete my book in over just 3 months!

Karen is so easy to work with and will encourage you at every step – having Karen in your corner is something I highly recommend. I knew I had a great idea for a book, but really didn’t know all the steps to make it a reality.

Karen covered it all and took so much of the stress out of the process so I could just focus on writing that great book and actually get it published.

Karen really cares, really wants us to succeed, and knows how to help make that happen."

- Shawndra McWhorter, Author, and Book Excellence Award Winner for 'What They Want Us To Know'

Leadership, It's Not Just for Leaders

Coming soon to Amazon and your favourite e-reader. 


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