Self-Publishing Success Stories

Here are just a few of the authors I’ve worked with, in different ways and at different stages of their books.

'30 Days To Wealth' Author - Leanne Jacobs

Leanne Jacobs is an amazing woman! She and I worked together on her first book ‘30 Days to Wealth‘ where we assisted her in self-publishing. She had most of her content done; we helped structure the chapters, worked with our graphic designer to create the book cover and chapter icons, full edit and project managed the self-publishing process. Leanne’s goal was to have ‘30 Days to Wealth’ ready and on the shelves at a National Convention where she was asked to speak. Her book also created a passive revenue stream for her. Leanne has since published her 2nd book with Penguin Random House called “Beautiful Money”.

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"Karen’s light shines brighter than bright. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is unparalleled.
She will help bring magic to your project. Her kindness and positive attitude add to her business savviness – a true gem"

– Leanne Jacobs, author of Beautiful Money.

'The Soul Flow' Author - Tara Kinden

Tara Kinden is another one of my authors. Her book, ‘The Soul Flow‘ was a celebration of Canadian women living exceptional lives and who embodied courage, creativity and inspired others to embrace their uniqueness. This was truly brilliant, as is Tara. She drove her “VanJam” from one end of Canada to the other to capture these beautiful women and their stories. I worked with Tara chapter by chapter reviewing the flow of her content for reader engagement, understanding and light editing.

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"Karen was an absolute pleasure to work with. I worked with Karen to get the reader flow of my book solidified and to ensure that it was engaging for my audience. Her attention to detail is impeccable. She is kind and considerate when it comes to delivering feedback.
I would highly recommend working with Karen as she makes the process fun and enjoyable. Thank you Karen." 

– Tara Kinden, Author of The Soul Flow

'Modern Day Shaman' Author Sarah Ann Negus

Sarah Ann Negus is a Modern day shaman. Sarah an I worked on her first draft of her memoir where she combined her life’s story with her own version of spiritual teaching.

It’s main message – is one of hope.

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"When I first sat down to write this book, I allowed myself to be taken by the words. They flowed easily and the main body of the work found its way onto the paper in 6 short weeks, helped by my writing coach Karen Roy."

- Sarah Ann Negus, Author of Modern Day Shaman

'What They Want Us To Know' Author - Shawndra McWhorter

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"Having Karen as my authoring coach was a tremendous help, and because of her knowledge, skill and support, I was able to complete by book in over just 3 months!
Karen is so easy to work with and will encourage you at every step – having Karen in your corner is something I highly recommend. I knew I had a great idea for a book, but really didn’t know all the steps to make it a reality.
Karen covered it all and took so much of the stress out of the process so I could just focus on writing that great book and actually get it published.
Karen really cares, really wants us to succeed and knows how to help make that happen."

Shawndra has been awarded a Book Excellence Award for What They Want Us to Know.

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